Going Raw by hilloah

Several of the people in the office have gone “Raw for 30” days. I am so proud of them! Archie and I are not going raw; however, we are reaping the benefits of some recipes. 

Mary Elizabeth found a website that gives easy raw recipes  and made a lime mousse for her and her daughter who is also going raw. Her daughter, Bridget, is thirteen years old and we all are in awe of her tenacity to stay raw – it can not be easy. They both enjoyed the mousse and said it was delicious. Archie said it sounded good; so I went to the store today to buy the ingredients and we will  try it.

 Kristin, our Marketing Director, is also going raw and brought in some “to die for” mushroom crackers. When asked for the recipes she said, “Oh! I’ve been doing this forever. Let’s see, just marinate the mushrooms and onions separately in soy sauce, soak the flax seeds overnight, add veggie scraps, parsley, miso, lemon, lime or orange, stir together, and dehydrate. Then poof,  you have it!” Ah, ok. The best things are usually accidents; guess it is time for me to start.

Have you begun your Sweet Valentine video for the Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest? We can hardly wait to see them and vote!

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