A Sweet Resolution by hilloah

Is everyone through with the holidays? No more eating just because it’s there? Are you following up on your New Years Resolutions? REMEMBER: do not “should” on yourself! If you fumble, start over or rethink the resolution: maybe it is not the right time and you need to revisit it some other year – do not take on too much all at once.

 One thing to take on, however, is our Sweet Valentine Video Recipe Contest. Send us a video of you making a yummy dessert for your sweetie. Will it be a candy, a cookie, pie, cake, ice cream – anything! What joy: dig in and have fun!

I have a question: do you like Kindles? I have never used or seen one so I have no experience. It seems that the “world” is divided in two about this issue: those who love them and those who think the written word should be held together in a book that one can touch, smell, hold, and “love”. I have to admit I am probably in the latter group as I love to support our local book stores, used and new. I love to peruse the used book store and find a series of books and then go to our local new bookstore and order the books that complete the set. I enjoy looking at the book shelves that Archie has made and seeing the many colours of the spines and remembering the stories inside. Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, The Belgariad series, Chronicles of Narnia, all the Wizard of OZ books, The Legend of Holly Claus, any of Agatha Christie’s, Ngaio Marsh’s or Dorothy L. Sayer’s murder mysteries. Yes, I am probably of the latter group – which group are you?

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