A Happy New Year by hilloah

This is the last blog of the year. What will the New Year bring? Will Archie build the Great Room? If so, I get to get a piano, ooooooooooh! I can hardly wait!  So! What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

 Will you go raw for 30 days like some of the people in our office are doing? If you do, be sure to do so with a buddy so you will make the stretch.

  Living Light International is having another Hot Raw Chef Video Contest. This time, the theme is  Sweet Valentine. Send us your video starting January 1st – we are giving away over $5000 in prizes! Details are going out today. If you have not subscribed to our free e-newsletter, do so now by going to our website, www.rawfoodchef.com, or for contest details visit www.hotrawchef.com.

 What are my resolutions? To enjoy each moment as it comes, and if they are not full of joy, to give them a kiss and wish them well.

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