Ready Or Not by mary elizabeth

I remember once, when I was a child, over hearing my mother tell someone she hated Christmas. I was shocked! I always thought she was just as filled with excitement and cheer as I was. It wasn’t until I grew up and had children of my own that I really understood. Don’t get me wrong – neither my mother nor I think children ruin Christmas – they actually add extra layers of joy and fun, but also extra layers of pressure. Plus – they’re expensive. And they get so wound up! Anyway, now that my children (and I, for that matter) are older, I’ve learned to release some of that pressure and relax. We’ll all enjoy tomorrow much more that way.

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m pretty much alone here at Living Light. There aren’t any students here right now and the Café and Marketplace closed early. That’s okay. I like the thought of everyone heading home to be with loved ones. I’ll be with mine soon enough and in the mean time I can write this and finish up all the holiday treats left in the office myself. A bunch of us here are going to go raw for thirty days next month and thank goodness, cause the treats have gotten a little out of hand – even if Kristin didn’t bake as much as usual. Anyhow, I hope this special day finds all of you happy and healthy and enjoying yourselves. I’m actually feeling pretty peaceful about tomorrow. Whatever isn’t done or bought or remembered is going to have to stay that way and I’m just going to enjoy my family and my home. Happy holidays!

3 thoughts on “Ready Or Not by mary elizabeth

  1. kristin suratt

    Just took a minute today to read your blog after the whirlwind (and beautiful) holiday with my boy and a few others...brought a tear to my eye...I'm so glad we are blog sisters. Love you dear heart....and I know your Christmas was something sweet. xxx

    1. livinglightinternational

      thank you so, so much! our little corner is quite lonely without you. looking forward to next week when we get back to normal....except for the food part!!

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