Bless Us Every One by kristin

Christmas EveCan't believe it's been almost exactly a month since we started our holiday blogs. So much has happened this month; so many things to do, and now they are nearly all done and it's the night before Christmas Eve. And my son Simon is making his way down to Fort Bragg from Prince Rupert, B.C. He flew out of the Yukon Territories a week ago, went to visit his Dad inland in Hazelton, B. C. and called from Vancouver, B.C. yesterday saying that he'd arrive in Portland today to see his aunts and cousins.

And then it's another day or two until he reaches the Mendocino Coast. Last time he came down he arrived at 3:00 AM. I'm hoping he doesn't drive half the night. Being a mom, I tend to worry, although I try not to. I made some raw chocolate chip cookies for him, and have started some sauerkraut and a big batch of buckwheat granola. I usually like to make him baked scones when he comes to visit, so I'll do that. Even though he is fully grown, I still like to make special things for him. But my big dreams of doing my once a year baking for the office didn't really come to fruition.

KT and Madeline

Oh well, I still accomplished a lot--got all the boxes off on time to family and friends, and today was a flurry of gift and card exchanges at the office. So now it's time to put the finishing touches on the house--is everything perfect?  There's something bittersweet about the holidays, too, isn't there? You think of those who are not here any more, of memories both good, and at times, well--not so perfect. But overall, the feeling is more sweet than bitter.

pink retro tree

I think the overwhelming truth is that the feeling is love. It's time to forget the petty concerns of ordinary life, and concentrate on what is truly important: good friends, family, peace, love, and joy. I saw those last three words in the window of the local plumbing shop this morning, and I thought, yeah....that's it, and thank you for reminding me.  Wishing all of you a joyful, peaceful, and love-filled holiday.

love joy peace

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