Tsk, tsk, tsk, Archie by hilloah

I have to say that Archie “ticked” me off recently. I received a bonus from Dan and Cherie to use in the Living Light Marketplace. We carry all of our instructors favorite knives carefully selected by Cherie Soria at our retail store. I asked Archie what he would like and he said a knife. He went and selected the knife – a Mac– and also looked at the knife sharpeners.  He liked one – the Henckel’s Sharpening Steel - but said that we could get that later. Great! I went and got both with the thought of wrapping the sharpener up and putting it in his Christmas stocking. festival of lights

We went out to dinner with friends before going to the Festival of Lights that night at the Mendocino Botanical Gardens and I put my stuff and Archie’s knife and present in the trunk of the car. Archie asked if I bought the knife earlier and I said, “Yes, it is in the trunk”.

The next morning I got up and poured myself a cup of coffee intending on taking a sip and then going to the car to bring in the stuff, (but I would leave the sharpener in the trunk--sneak sneak). That way I could sneak it in the house later. As I am pouring the coffee I notice my coffee carafe from work on the sink. Oh, no! “Honey, did you bring in my stuff from the car?” “Yes, I did. I see you decided to buy the sharpener after all.”

reindeer and mouse santa

ARRRGH! “That was one of your Christmas presents!” “Oh. OK. You can wrap it up if you want and stick it in my stocking.” Yeah, right! See why he “ticked” me off?

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