Holly Days Are Here Again by kristin

winter solstice tree

It's so funny that Mary Elizabeth blogged about the light yesterday. We must be on the same wavelength. I got an email in my inbox from my favorite Urban Shaman, Donna Henes, whose blog on Huffington Post was all about winter solstice and the dark time of the year,  when we are craving the light. As Mama Donna points out, the Norwegians even have a special name for the dark time: Mórketiden. And it's apparently when we are confronted by all the things we normally try to avoid--overeating, drinking too much, thinking gloomy thoughts, and so forth. So it must be true that  Winter Solstice, which is when the light begins to increase again, is truly a time for celebration. Being a Nordic sort (of Danish heritage) myself, I can totally relate. Sometimes the darkness makes us feel that we are in limbo. But what occurs in those northerly regions, by the grace of nature herself? None other than the Northern lights.

And Mary Elizabeth's blog post "Sunny Day Days and Green Day" , while quiet all summer, has had over a thousand views since October. So at this time of year, people really are thinking about that golden shining orb we all love so much.

shining sun

At Living Light we've had lots of shining stars in our galaxy all year--our students! This December's newsletter tells the tale of the blessings that have shone upon us throughout 2010. We are grateful for each and every one of our students, and all the people who will come into our world in 2011.Axial tilt

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