Cosmic Calm by mary elizabeth

Okay – seriously? I just dumped green juice all over my lap. Very annoying. But – the good news is that I wore my baggy, stained old jeans today so as to be dressed appropriately for decorating the Living Light Inn for this weekend’s candlelight tour. So – I guess the universe, in all its magnificent wisdom, aligned the days upon which I needed to both spill green juice on myself and hang Christmas lights.  That’s comforting. I suppose stuff like that’s happening all the time but I only notice it when I actually get covered in green slime.  As 2010 winds down it’s hard not to feel a little anxious about 2011. I like little cosmic reminders that I don’t need to personally fret and worry about every detail of my life. And I’m pretty proud of myself for calling a big messy spill a “little cosmic reminder”. 2011’s going to be just fine.

If you’re waiting for stuff to align itself for the new year and you’re an Associate Chef and Instructor grad, maybe you should come back to Living Light in February and complete your Gourmet Raw Food Chef certification. Ethnic Flavors actually begins on the last day of January and runs through February 4th. It’s followed by a week of Raw Fusion and then a week of Raw Event Catering. What a fun, productive and delicious way to start your year! Give me a call and register yourself for the next level of raw vegan culinary excellence today. Super yay!

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