The Best Offense... by mary elizabeth

A few times a year, Amy Bacheller comes to Living Light to teach essential oils classes using Young Living Oils. The classes are super fantastic. Day one has a culinary emphasis and day two is more spiritual. If you take the classes you’ll be totally addicted to the oils and all they can do for your life. Fortunately we carry them in our Marketplace and right now there are all kinds of holiday specials going on. For example, there’s a set called Winter Defense Pack which includes spray, waterless hand sanitizer and foaming hand soap all made with Thieves oil. This oil smells really spicy and exotic and is said to possess all sorts of germ-fighting qualities. Apparently a similar mixture was used by disreputable characters during the middle ages who were actually able to steal from plague victims without getting sick. What a nice holiday story! Anyhow – the oil is fabulous and the Winter Defense Pack is only about thirty dollars. So if you’re a fan of essential oils, come in and check out the holiday specials – and do it quickly because the Marketplace needs to place their order by next Monday.

Speaking of ordering things on time, even for this little deadline driven grasshopper it’s definitely time to finish up on-line shopping. Unless, of course, you don’t mind spending seven thousand dollars on shipping which I, of course, do but always end up spending anyway because I never have quite enough money to finish my shopping before December 23rd or so. It’s not entirely my fault. Both of my children have birthdays next week and that kind of cuts into my holiday shopping before it can even really start. I wish I were the kind of person who could just make everyone something adorable and be done with it. But – I’m not. A winter defense pack actually sounds like a good idea. But besides Thieves oil, it might be nice to include a favorite book and a blanket, tons of money and wrapping paper and just a little more time.

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