Waiting, Wine and Work by hilloah

We have been waiting for the Walla Walla onions to come in since October: you are supposed to plant them in the first part of November. Finally we went to the nursery from which we had ordered them, only to be told that their supplier had gone out of business. Arrgh! We went to another nursery that still had some. Yeah! We bought two bunches of 50 at $3.00 a piece. Joe, of course, got one bunch and three hours after he got them he called us and said to get busy and plant ours! What a pain!!  

It was wine country time again this Thanksgiving weekend. Joe, his wife Sandi, Archie and I went to the Anderson Valley to pick up our wine shipments. Since we live so close we choose to pick up our wine rather than have them send it to us. And that way we get to taste their new wines along with our old favorites. It was such a beautiful day! Afterwards we went to dinner at one place in Mendocino Village only to be told they were sold out. Arrgh! However, we were happy to see that our town was busy in this economy. We then went to Patterson’s Pub: a nice place for locals – it's dark, yet friendly.

We are gearing up for next year’s classes; a full schedule in January, a new workshop in February, and then another full schedule in March. Swoosh! A full schedule includes Associate Chef and Instructor Certification, Gourmet of Raw Food Chef Certification, and The Benefits of Raw Food Nutrition Educator Certification. The February courses include Photographing Food, Food Styling for Photography, Recipe Production, Styling, and Photography, Recipe Book Writing, Recipe Book Production Workshop, and Culinary Demo Video Production for the Media. Yes! We are going to be very busy!

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