Home for the Holidays by mary elizabeth

So here I am at Living Light after three days off, working an eleven hour day to make up for time lost. My kids, my boyfriend and I braved the snow and spent this holiday with my father and my brother and sister-in-law. The holidays compel me to visit family, which is good because I probably just wouldn’t otherwise. (Unless it gets so gloomy here we have to follow the sun) I’m always so happy to see them - it’s just hard to get the momentum going. Some kind of inertia  keeps me home, like, fifty out of fifty-two weekends a year. That’s okay too, though. It never hurts to stay connected to your local loved ones. Was it worth it? This may not be the best time to ask as it’s almost nine thirty at night and we didn’t get in until about one this morning. But if I could step back for a minute, I’m sure I’d say it was – absolutely.

If you’re a local and staying put this time of year or if you’re making the Mendocino Coast part of your holiday travels, I suggest you come in and check out our Café and Marketplace. First of all, it’s Pastry Arts time here at Living Light which means extra special treats in the Café. Or maybe you’d just like a fresh juice to boost you through a hectic holiday. And the Marketplace is a great place to do some peaceful holiday shopping. We’ve got tons of fabulous culinary tools and tasteful tableware. And don't forget that holiday bag of mila to keep you on the go. Come in and let Living Light be a part of your season.

6 thoughts on “Home for the Holidays by mary elizabeth

  1. kristin

    Love this post Mary Elizabeth...especially fun to check the links --I liked the 70s family, and the twirly clock and the great time clock..
    And of course the thought behind it all. This is such an interesting time of the year...isn't it?

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