The Family Gathering by kristin


Well, we are at the final countdown before the day that officially starts the holiday season, Thanksgiving. Here on the Mendocino Coast the weather has turned cold.

By the end of tomorrow, we'll already be moving on to the next big holiday gathering, whether that is Christmas, Hanukka, Kwansa, or Solstice. We are at the darkest time of the year, which is why many of us like to decorate our houses with pretty sparkly things, candles, lights, and fragrant greenery that bring to mind all of the years we've shared the holidays with our families and friends.


It can be a difficult time of the year for some people, because our expectations may be high, and we often hope to create the "perfect" holiday memories we imagine we "should" have for such occasions. Sometimes we are lucky and spend holidays with family (of birth or choice) and friends. Sometimes, we may stay connected by telephone or webcam.

Or we might choose a different path, and decide to create fresh new traditions.

Best of New Holidays

Our graphic artist Inga is having a quiet celebration with her boyfriend - they are making Indian food for something different. And here at Living Light we are having a Thanksgiving Day Vegetarian/Vegan/Raw Potluck and World Peace Meditation. So no matter what the tradition, or what kind of family you find yourself among, we hope you take a moment to remember who you are:  someone who is loved.

5 thoughts on “The Family Gathering by kristin

  1. cheryl gautier

    I would love to be at the raw potluck! We used to get together with the All Natural gang to do vegetarian Thanksgiving and etc. I'm grateful to be invited to a vegetarian meal tomorrow with some of my family. I'm feeling a little low key but I know it will be nice to be with my family. My brother and sister-in-law who are having the meal just adopted a lovely and lively greyhound who came to them straight from the race track and has never had a family! He's a sweet and lucky boy and they are so generous.

    1. livinglightinternational

      Hi Cheryl, How nice of you to write...I hope you click the links for hidden (and sometimes funny) photos. I am feeling a little low key is COLD here....too cold for me!

      But I'm going to Santa Rosa (2 1/2 hours away) to my stepmothers for Thanksgiving. My brother Jon and his family and sister Susan will be there (from my Dad's second marriage). The holidaze are a bit stressful...

      Kraig and Jane are in New Orleans at Carls...Love to you and the family xxx Kristin

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