A Joyful Celebration! by hilloah

Our Thanksgiving celebration will truly a joyful one this year as our friend Joe has had a trying experience. He had something on his brain about a month ago and of course we were all worried that it might have been a tumor. Thank goodness it was not that, but an infection that caused swelling. After many changes of his medication, the swelling is going down and the infection can be dealt with. Yes, we will definitely be thankful this year that he is doing so much better.

I looked for joyful images for this blog and found so many that it was hard to pick!

Pastry Arts – Unbaked! is wrapping up today, and Pastry Arts - Unbaked! II will start on Saturday, November 27th. I 'm really looking forward to this class as it is a brand new one, and our students will thrive under the direction of our trio of talented chefs: Pastry Chef extraordinaire Vinnette Thompson, Culinary Programs Manager Martine Lussier, and Living Light's Pastry Chef Meagan Ricks. Talk about visions of sugar plums dancing in our heads!

Raspberry Cheesecake

Yesterday Martine brought the Administrative Office a huge piece of White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake. We were all very polite and tried not to take more than we should – yeah, right!

What new recipes will Pastry Arts – Unbaked! II bring us? Can't wait to find out.....YUmmmmmmmmmmmm!

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