Veggies and Desserts by hilloah

It is getting a little cold here in Fort Bragg (43° F this morning),  so Sunday evening we put a dish of our harvested vegetables in the oven. Normally, we focus on fresh, delicious raw vegetables but this weather brings out the baker in me. We'd never had delicata squash before, but now that we've tried it we'll definitely plant lots more next year! Ummm -  it tasted like pumpkin: rich and flavorful. We ate  the leftovers last night  and they still tasted great; no more leftovers!

Speaking of baking, I'm really looking forward to Pastry Arts - Unbaked!™ Level 2. If you've never tried the unbaked creations that come out of our first level pastry arts class, you've missed a real treat. The new class is this November 27 – 30 following Pastry Arts – Unbaked 1 and Thanksgiving. This class is a recipe development class where students will create their own desserts using the "think tank" method. There will be professional plating done and every student will get the recipes of their peer’s creations as well.


3 thoughts on “Veggies and Desserts by hilloah

  1. cheryl gautier

    sounds so good. (not the cold, though, as I am down here in New Orleans.) The unbaked pastry class also sounds intriguing and delicious. Wish I could get away for it. Maybe at a later date! Cheryl

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