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People say that the sooner you learn that no one’s going to take care of you but yourself, the better. Well – okay – this is a good thing to keep in mind and a fabulous fall back position, but in my experience it just isn’t true. Thank goodness. I mean, I know I’m the only one I can really count on, blah, blah, blah, but seriously - my life is now and always has been literally crowded with people who not only will help take care of me but actually want to. Maybe I’m just super lucky, or maybe it’s an inherent by-product of being a grasshopper, but I have to say that by and large, the only things I have to do all by myself are the ones I want to.

More and more these days, people are doing for themselves the projects they used to save for professionals. This is great (unless of course you happen to be one of those professionals) as it is allowing more to get done. More creativity and information and all sorts of things are available to the human collective thanks to self publishing, for example. If you’re thinking of publishing a raw recipe book, then Living Light is just the place for you at the end of this winter. We are offering a recipe book workshop where you’ll learn to take your book from concept to book store. This class is going to be perfect for our graduates out there who are ready to move their creations boldly into the public eye. You can do it – yourself – with a little help from your friends at Living Light.

2 thoughts on “DIY by mary elizabeth

  1. kate simontacchi

    I agree that we are never alone and only if you are a very nasty person do you ever have to take care of yourself alone. This old wives tale was formulated by an angry house wife one day when the kids wouldn't help with chores.

  2. Skippy

    You really do make the raw food chef a much happier and better site to visit!!! I'm always glad I did when I read your delightful, entertaining and informative blogs

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