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Hey – if you missed it in August, you can still see Living Light’s 2010 Chef Showcase by purchasing the replay available now on our website! We all wrote so much about it while it was actually happening, I kind of feel like posting the blog equivalent of a flashback episode and just pasting in a bunch of last summer’s stuff –  a blog replay in honor of the showcase replay. For example, from Kristin’s post about top tips from the showcase celebrities:

 Just close your eyes and listen.

Mother of Gourmet Raw Vegan Cuisine, Cherie Soria

Infuse your food with love, and eat mindfully. Commune with your food when you buy or grow it, wash it, peel it, slice it, and of course, when you eat it!

“Mr Flavor” Super Chef Chad Sarno

‘Don’t fear getting in the kitchen and exploring your creativity, take the jump and let the quality of the ingredients guide your dish;

The perfect dish is 60% quality of ingredients, 30% technique and 10% risk; all contribute to the final product.

Raw Cacao Queen Colleen Cackowski

Food is information. The minerals and nutrients in food give your body and its DNA information to do its job perfectly. The more high quality information you give yourself, the more equipped your body is to perform at an optimal level.

Or from Hilloah:

We have been working every day these past two weeks to make sure our culinary showcase was a success. I believe it was. Every chance I got I would ask an attendee if he or she thought this year was enjoyable. Without exception the answers came back: “Loved it!” “I learned so much!” “It is amazing what you can do with a tomato!”

See? I could fill this whole space with interesting things we already said about the showcase. But, I can probably come up with some new ones. I know from my own experience that the demos were fabulous and Cherie made the whole event a real treat, both as information and entertainment. Chad Sarno's tomato demo was fabulous - I wish you could taste the consomme. And, of course, you can learn to make Vinnette's desserts - she is the master. You can also find out why Victoria Boutenko thinks fruit flies are our friends. Another fun demo to watch is Cherie's with the bok choy. Jennifer Cornbleet was acting as host, and once she got a sample she was rendered speechless as she was so enjoying eating it. In Nomi Shannon's soul food demo, she makes a raw sweet potato souffle that is out of this world - just in time for Thanksgiving. So – check it out.

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