The Future is Now by mary elizabeth

Our October newsletter is all about creating your future. The focus is on our graduates and how they are excelling in the raw world now that they have completed their training here at Living Light. There are some wonderful stories included – you should check it out. I know you’ll be inspired if you’re thinking about a future in raw food. And if you’re already in the field and are ready to take your recipes to the next level, check out our brand new class in recipe book writing. There’s no other series like it in the industry, and Cherie has lined up some super fantastic guest instructors. Also new next year is an advanced teaching course taught by Jennifer Cornbleet. Your future can’t help but be brightened by taking these classes!

When I was a kid, I thought the future was a destination – a Jetsonian city in the clouds some measurable distance away. We’d all be talking on our video phones, riding around in rocket cars and the future would have arrived. We’d be there – done. It isn’t exactly like that though, is it? I mean here it is, 2010, a date I certainly thought of as well in the “future”, and not only am I still riding around in a dumb old regular car, I’m no closer to some sort of static utopia than I was when I still believed there was such a thing. (On the bright side, I don’t feel any closer to the zombie apocalypse my kids are so certain is coming either, haling from a more optimistic era…). Whatever our concept of the future, eventually we just roll into it and it doesn’t feel like anything different. And, seriously, we can create our futures. The future can be super far away or in a minute. Our attitudes, our goals and our dreams today will inform us of what’s in store.

The future of raw food is a real and tangible one. 2011 could be your year to launch your goals. Are you ready to create your own future?  Give me a call and get started!

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