Brave New World and Victory Gardens by hilloah

If you read my blog last week, you heard about my Dad, and his journey in America. Today, as part of our Day of the Dead observance honoring our ancestors, I'll tell you a little about my mother. She was born Virginia Ruth Rowell, and when she was twenty-five (in 1938) she discovered a new religion called the Science of Characteristics that made sense to her (and at the time to my father as well). Everyone in the family changed their names in accordance with the new religion; I am the only one who was born with a “true” name. Her new name became Helen HZ Schuler. I was born Hilloah Heigh Pheigh in 1948.

She really was an amazing woman and ahead of her time. One of the benefits of her religion was that everyone was health conscious (they were the brave new world after all). We were vegetarians and did not eat head lettuce. It was not until I was 21 that I realized that not eating head lettuce, and eating leaf lettuce instead was beneficial to my health and had nothing to do with religion!

During World War II, my mother Helen wrote a column about Victory Gardens and instructed people on how to black out their windows so that enemy planes would not be able to see the lights at night and therefore drop bombs.  As you know, Archie and I have a garden of our own. Everything we grow is organic. We love our fresh fruits and vegetables. Here at Living Light, we only use organic produce, as I always inform my potential students. It makes such a difference to the individual and the planet to shop locally, eat organic and grow your own vegetables if you're able. It's still a victory!

I was born after the war and my mother went to work for the State of California. When I was two she and my father divorced, and neither ever remarried. My romantic soul wonders what their hearts are up to now.

My Mom and Dad

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