Happy United Nations Day! by mary elizabeth

Today is United Nations Day. Not one of this country’s bigger commercial holidays, as discussed last week, by any means. But – what a significant global accomplishment! Many members have called for today to be observed as a global public holiday so as to draw attention to the work they do. UNICEF, the UN Human Rights Council, the International Labour Organization – there’s a lot going on at the UN besides long speeches and those fascinating little translator things.

Our next class coming up here at Living Light is Ethnic Flavors in Recipe Development. It’s the first in our trio of advanced culinary classes needed to complete one’s Gourmet Raw Food Chef certification. It involves creating dishes within the flavor palettes of different global regions, allowing students to develop their own Thai or South American dishes, etc. without sacrificing creativity for authenticity. And based on the samples which sometimes find their way into the administration office, it’s a culinary feast of both.

Speaking of the office, we had a little potluck picnic in honor of United Nations Day this week. We brought in yummy international treats and enjoyed sharing a meal together. (I ate way too much which, of course, isn’t at all unusual but it went a bit far - even for me.) Anyhow – if you’re an Associate Chef and Instructor graduate of ours you should consider taking Ethnic Flavors. Our 2011 schedule is now available for planning your advanced culinary training. Maybe next October 24th, you can celebrate United Nations Day with an international treat of your own.

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