Our Second Favorite by mary elizabeth

Did you know that Halloween is this country’s second largest commercial holiday? I didn’t, but am happy to learn it. I mean, if our holidays must be commercial I’d just as soon we spend our money on skeletons and false eye lashes than anything else. Anyhow – I like our big commercial amalgam of a celebration. It’s drawn from so many traditions – Celtic, Greek, Roman, Christian – you name it. I guess everyone needs to embrace the darkness sometimes.     

Living Light is celebrating the second largest commercial holiday by participating in a local Day of the Dead celebration. We are going to have two altars on exhibit from October 25th to November 2nd  - one in the Marketplace and one in the Café. We had one in the Marketplace last year upon which employees were encouraged to bring remembrances of their honored dead. We had items ranging from grandpa’s fishing gear to an Elvis cookbook. It was fabulous! I’m not sure what this year’s altars will bear, but I’ll keep you posted – and locals should come down and see them. Last year, there was an altar tour and reception with local goodies served, including a trio of raw chocolate delights from Living Light. Yum!

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