Are We There Yet? by mary elizabeth

You know how certain strains of philosophy encourage us to enjoy the journey rather than fret about the destination? I think that’s a way better system than the more “end result” based ones, but it takes some practice. Sometimes it just doesn’t come naturally at all. I do my best, but if my mood isn’t in ship optimistic shape, the journey can seem pretty suckish. I have to think of it as a big, scary roller coaster. We don’t get on those for the end result – we get on for the ride. I guess it’d be easier if life were always as exciting as a big scary roller coaster.  The tricky part is to enjoy the journey even when it’s just hungry kids, overdue bills and lingering head colds. Maybe we need to bring along the emotional equivalent of a coloring book for the more ho-hum periods – making the journey more fun for ourselves. Or maybe I should just paint the wall of my cube with chalk board paint. What do you think?

Speaking of journeys – three intrepid travelers set off from Living Light to staff a booth at World Vegetarian Day in San Francisco last weekend. Martine, Amber and Brenda handed out yummy raw treats, recipes and information about Living Light. They also had a raffle and one lucky winner will get to come and take FUNdamentals here. It’s a great class, and it goes on journeys itself sometimes. It’s held on the road a few times a year, so if you’re not local keep an eye on our website - maybe FUNdamentals will come to you!

2 thoughts on “Are We There Yet? by mary elizabeth

  1. Kristan

    Because of this fantastic article, I am going to try to "work out" until I feel I can sometimes attain ship-optimistic-shape!

    Thanks Mary Elizabeth, for a new way to look at life stuff.

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