Logs, Garlic, and Students by hilloah

This last weekend was the last one to split wood and put it in the wood shed. I sat and knit on the latest grandchild’s afghan while Archie split the wood. We covered the logs to let it air out but not have the dew get to it. It is getting colder and darker now a little at a time. Fall is my favorite time of year: family holidays, pretty lights, fall colors of the trees.

 On Sunday we planted the garlic that we got from Mary Jane’s Farm Magazine. We planted two rows of our garlic from last year, and two rows from Mary Jane in a raised bed and also in the ground. Which will be better: ours or Mary Jane’s? Raised bed or ground?

MaryJanesFarm Magazine

This coming Friday the students will be arriving for the last culinary session of this year. Our new receptionist, Chris Nepper is being put to the test: trying to get ready for over thirty people and manage the copier at the same time. Arrgh! He and Mary Elizabeth decided to go get us some Kangen water to make it through the week. Aren’t they cute?

Chris & Mary Elizabeth in the Office

The last thing I see in the yard before I leave for work and the first thing I see when I return are the hollyhocks and cosmos. Aren’t they beautiful?

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