Back in the Saddle Again by kristin

back in the saddleAfter cruising up the coast to the Newport/Lincoln City area of Oregon to spend time with my sister for her birthday, I'm back at work. It's funny how just a little time away helps to refresh our spirits, especially if the time away includes people that we love. And so, coming back to work this morning, I decided to resume a positive habit that I'd somehow lost track of in recent years. I started a new gratitude journal, which is really just a little notebook that you can carry along with you, and include five things that you are grateful for each day. My first two things for the day were as follows: 1. My favorite parking space was open and 2. Everyone at work is happy and cheery-super yay as we say here at Living Light, thanks to Mary Elizabeth. It really can be as simple as focusing on small positive things, and the exercise, although deceptively simple, can bring quick and amazing results.

Living Light

Speaking of amazing results, we love the new people who have come to work at Living Light. It seems that our family is getting even better and more loving, which translates into a great atmosphere for our students, angels and staff. And even people who go away for awhile often come back to join us and keep the positive energy going.

We are going to be doing some great FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods™ on the road classes coming up soon with three top notch Living Light Chef Instructors, including the ever delightful and talented Amber West, the personable and erudite Bennett Mclellan, and the energetic, inimitable Brenda Hinton. Stay tuned for more details....meanwhile, close at hand is the upcoming annual event World Vegetarian Day in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. If you are anywhere in the area, don't miss this event! The weather has been superb lately, and the eleventh annual ode to all things veg should be loads of fun. Our own Martine Lussier will be there, along with the aforementioned Amber and Brenda, and they'll be passing out samples of delicious Chocolate Pecan Bites on Saturday from 2:15 to 3:15 PM. Delicious desserts including those yummy Chocolate Pecan Bars, Coconut Dream Bars, and Chocolate Cardamom Cake will be for sale both days! hug a veg

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