What Does Self Acceptance Smell Like? by mary elizabeth

Some things in life just never get easier. Some things, no matter how much prayer, attention and self-help books are thrown at them, remain difficult. There are some aspects of every job, relationship, personality or whatever that just take work. For example, I’m a super shy person when it comes to speaking up for myself. I would rather sit through an entire movie with your chair leg on my toe than ask you to move. An extreme example, of course, but illustrative of my point and believe me – I’ve had some pretty uncomfortable things go on in my life way longer than a movie as a result of my inability to voice my opinion about them. But rather than beat myself up for being a total wimp, I am starting to get to a point where I can honor the part of me that’s…well…wimpy, and accept it for what it is. It’s a part of me, and if I’m going to accept myself, that part has to come along too. Not that I can’t change (oh god…not that again!), but I don’t have to. I do have to remember that I’m a whole and healthy woman, just as I am – that I’m enough, if not for the rest of the world at least for me.

Speaking of self-acceptance, if you haven’t taken Amy Bacheller’s essential oils classes, you really should. It’s a weekend well spent. The Saturday class is all about the culinary aspects of essential oils and how they can be used in food, for flavor and healing. The second day – my favorite – is all about using the oils for spiritual purposes. She teaches how the oils aid us in living in abundance. The different scents can empower us for all sorts of things and are reminders of what we should be doing – or what we need. I bought some called “forgiveness” which helps me remember to lighten up on myself. Cherie gave me some called “valor” which is useful to me pretty much all the time. I put “peace and calming” on my kids on the way out the door to school (just occurred to me I should maybe try it half an hour earlier….). Anyhow, the oils are great and Amy is an amazing teacher. The next time the classes are offered is November 6th and 7th and they’re filling up fast. Don’t be afraid – call and register today.

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