Love is the Answer by kristin

katey in fort braggHere's a photo of my beloved sister Katey. She's turning 50 this weekend, and I'm driving up to Oregon to be with her on her birthday. I still remember the day she was born..I was 12 years older, and she was such a beautiful child. I've adored her all her life, and vice versa. So why would I even think of missing her birthday celebration? Sometimes work is a priority, and other times, we just need to make time for our family. So I'll be celebrating with my Libra sister in Lincoln City on the Oregon Coast. Well, Living Light is a family, too. Cherie's 92 year old Dad has been ill for awhile, and Cherie and Fredwe all just love Fred. He's been living here in Fort Bragg for several years, and we feel lucky to know him. It has been hard for Cherie and Dan to do all that they do at Living Light and also care for Fred, but I know they feel blessed at the same time, to have him near. Luckily, Cherie and Dan are very supportive of each other. Dan and CherieCherie's longtime friend and former Living Light diva Terry has been traveling back and forth between here and Costa Rica to help make sure that Fred has someone with him all the time. She's known the family for many years, and is such a wonderful and devoted friend--a true angel on earth. It's good to remember how important love and friendship really are to all of us. We are fragile beings here on planet earth, and love is the answer. Who cares what the question is? Love is the answer

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  1. cheryl gautier

    Hey Kristin, what a sweet picture of Katey. Wish we were in closer proximity to each other although I feel dear love for you from afar! Your unconditional loving energy is inspirational!

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