Get thee behind us Mercury Retrograde by kristin

According to informed sources, Mercury in retrograde is behind went direct yesterday, September 12th. And so our time of contemplation, mercury retrogradereorganization, delays, and challenges SHOULD be behind us. Someone forgot to tell my computer about the change, and it's been a bit recalcitrant today. But I'm keeping a bright outlook, knowing that there's a time and place for everything. And I know that the fall energy is going to triumph and bring us into a progressive period where everything becomes easy, and energy flows almost effortlessly. I"m ready. Meanwhile, Dan and Cherie must have been tuned in to the energy of organization during Mercury retrograde, because they rolled up their sleeves and completely organized the executive offices, which now look pristine and ready for action. cherie and dan office

And not a moment too soon, either, as Cherie's new assistant, the delightful  Terilynn Epperson just took her place beside them in the executive office.


Actually, the timing simply couldn't be more perfect because our monthly honoring of various departments just happens to focus on the executive office for September. Whew! We want to make sure that there's plenty of space available for all the cards, letters, and gifts that should be making their way to the inner sanctum this month! Thanks Dan and Cherie for all you do! xxx

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