Opportunity Knocks by mary elizabeth

So – I’ve already written about change but I haven’t specifically written about change here at Living Light. There’s been a ton. Lots of people are moving on which, of course, means lots of new people are coming and it’s all very exciting. But, at the same time, it’s super sad. Sometimes, the sound of opportunity knocking is delightful and sometimes it's just annoying.

It started upstairs where we lost Brandon, our assistant demo coordinator, who went on to pursue his art back home in Colorado.  He’s been outstandingly replaced by Gina. She was a student here back in my Marketplace days. She’s delightful. Brandon was closely followed by Meagan, pastry chef extraordinaire, who is following her path to success . Our own Tyler has stepped up to the cake plate and is doing a great job doing Meagan’s work.  Then there’s enrollment's own Miss Mary who’s left our department for travel and new pastures. She has yet to be replaced.  The incomparable Colleen – our super fab chocolate creator – is giving up her post as Cherie’s personal assistant in order to open her own LA based business. Terrilyn, a recent graduate, will replace her – most superbly, I’m sure. And most sadly, for me, of all – my Raw Food Roommate, Amanda, is moving on as well. I’m super excited for her, but I really don’t want her to go. I’ll miss her terribly. But changes open up new doors and create opportunities we never even imagined. Good luck, Amanda. Good luck to all of you. And welcome to all the new people and new opportunities here.

Speaking of new opportunities, we have a new Associate Chef and Instructor training starting this Saturday. This program is the foundation of our school and gets one ready to pursue any career in the raw food world one desires. If you’re local, we’re running a special, too. You can save up to $725.00 on the whole thing. If you don’t want the complete training you can just come for FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods this Saturday and pay only $290.00. Knock, knock locals. That's a really good deal so give me a call and sign up today.

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