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Attendees are arriving, and celebrity chefs will be on hand in the next two days. Speaking of chefs, I decided it would be a great idea to gather some words of wisdom from all of the wonderful, talented culinary artists who will be joining us for the event this weekend: teaching, creating, and inspiring everyone at the highest levels….they are all beautiful on the OUTSIDE and the INSIDE! Speaking of beautiful, we’d like to send our love to Chef Tina Jo, who took a tumble from her horse, and will not be able to join us after all. Vinnette Thompson and Sheree Clark will be making her recipes, and we know she’ll be watching from home! Get better soon Tina Jo—we love you and will miss you here at Living Light!

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So here are a few choice morsels, top tips, and amazing insights from our celebrity chefs:

Low Glycemic Goddess Elaina Love

In order to find balance, first stop looking so hard. You have the answers within you. They've been there all along.

Just close your eyes and listen.

Mother of Gourmet Raw Vegan Cuisine, Cherie Soria

Infuse your food with love, and eat mindfully. Commune with your food when you buy or grow it, wash it, peel it, slice it, and of course, when you eat it!

heart of sprouts

“Mr Flavor” Super Chef Chad Sarno

‘Don’t fear getting in the kitchen and exploring your creativity, take the jump and let the quality of the ingredients guide your dish;

The perfect dish is 60% quality of ingredients, 30% technique and 10% risk; all contribute to the final product. take a leap

Raw Cacao Queen Colleen Cackowski

Food is information. The minerals and nutrients in food give your body and its DNA information to do its job perfectly. The more high quality information you give yourself, the more equipped your body is to perform at an optimal level.

kirsten gumWorld Traveling Adventurer Kirsten Gum

I love the moment when someone who’s never eaten raw has that very first taste and lights up from the inside out. It’s THAT moment when the transformation begins, the re-connecting between our energy source and our spiritual and physical self.

Top Teacher, Author, and Chef Jennifer Cornbleet

When making a new recipe, read twice, measure once, and enjoy ALWAYS!

Montreal Mega Star Athlete Martine Lussier

As an athlete from a young age, my view is that physical training and living foods make a perfect pair. And don’t forget rest! A body well rested performs much better, too.

The Raw Gourmet, Nomi Shannon

If you can’t be all raw, all the time, you can still be high raw most of the time, all raw some of the, time, and happy with it all of the time.

Bountiful Beauty Heather Haxo Phillips heather haxo philips

Before traveling to third world countries—boost your probiotics w/ plenty of fresh, raw sauerkraut and kimchee. Grapefruit Seed Extract is alkalizing and contains beneficial bacteria to protect against waterbourne and food illnesses.

Green Smoothie Genie Victoria Boutenko eat more green

To get kids to drink green smoothies, start making smoothies that aren’t green, like strawberry –over time, add one green leaf, then two. Eventually kids understand that color never detracts from taste.  Or, give the smoothie a creative name like ‘Power Blaster Drink’ or ‘Green Monster Slurper’

Dessert Diva Vinnette Thompson

Keep the Vitamix on high and have fun!

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