Bird House, Raw Veggies, Flowers and the Chef Showcase - by hilloah

Archie's Birdhouse

Archie’s birdhouse sold for almost $200.00 this past weekend at the Mendocino Botanical Gardens . They served wine, fresh veggies and other delicious snack foods. Another birdhouse was bought out right – no bidding – for $1,000.00. Wonderful!

$1000 birdhouse

I went up to the woman who bought it and congratulated her not only on her good taste, but also on being so generous to the gardens. She smiled and was pleased. Later I found out that her husband was the artist. I thought of purchasing Archie’s as I know the grandchildren would love it, but Archie frowned. Oh well, he can always make another for the children!

I talked about the raw veggies and flowers from our garden last week and this week I have the pictures.

Basket of Dahlias

Lettuce Garden with SpinachGladiolas


Yes, Fort Bragg can produce (pardon the pun) beauty.

If you can not make the Chef Showcase this coming weekend, be sure to sign up for the Live Streaming of our event. Some people are doing both: that way they can see and taste the food in person, and then watch the video for two months afterwards to fine tune their own chef abilities with that of the Showcase chefs.

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