The Race is on, but we’re Cool… kristin

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Midnight Tonight!

The Living Light Chef Showcase is next week! When we get down to the home stretch everyone who works here musters up everything they’ve got to get it all done! There’s excitement—the thrill of the race to finish everything in time, and then VICTORY! victory of samothrace

We get to see all of those happy faces enjoying every minute of the event—ooooing and ahhh ing about the food, mixing and mingling with chef celebrities, Living Light grads, and enthusiastic attendees…zowie! It’s fun, and definitely a reward after months of preparation.

So whether you’re making the road trip to be with us in Fort Bragg, and experience it in person

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or you are going to be enjoying the virtual version from somewhere far away, now is the time to sign up to enjoy the best and the brightest idea that’s come along all year—

The Living Light Chef Showcase, Hot Chefs, Cool Kitchen starring your favorite raw food chefs! Tonight’s the night—you have until midnight PST before prices go up!

Be part of the smart set and save money to  boot!

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Be there or be square

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