Sunny Days and Green Day by mary elizabeth

There hasn’t been a whole lot of sunshine in Fort Bragg this summer. Less than usual, which is saying a lot and means we really haven’t seen the sun for a while. Concerned we’d become victims of seasonally affected disorder, I’ve taken my kids on two road trips recently. We found the sun and had lots of summer fun but we’ve also spent a lot of time in the car. The results? We’re all a little tanner, we’re all a little better at compromise and I am now a Green Day fan. Change your perspective, change your world.

Our chef showcase is just two short weeks away. I hope you’re planning to come but if you can’t, I hope you’ve purchased your virtual opportunity to watch the whole thing – including Laura Fox’s Best of Raw Cacao Contest – on-line.  And if you’re a Living Light graduate, we are planning some fun alumni activities. Something I’m looking forward to is a picnic at the Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens. It’s so pretty there and right now the dahlia garden is in full bloom. It’s pretty impressive. If you’re local and haven’t seen it – go. The vegetable garden is really worth seeing right now, too, and the gardens donate a lot of its produce to the local food bank which is super cool of them. Anyhow, this picnic should be a fun way to get the alumna together and give all of us in the office a chance to connect with students past and present. I hope it’s a sunny day, though.