A Moving Experience by hilloah

We moved Toto Zaida!

We got there at 3:30 PM on Sunday and thought “No way can we move stuff in here – it smells like cleaning gunk and it is not ready!” But we did, and by 6:30 PM we were exhausted. The guys took a break and let us take their picture goofing off: yes, that is Archie on the left!

We brought clothes over, computer stuff, tables, boxes of office materials, chairs and whatever else needed to go for over three hours. Archie was in charge of setting up the computer. He had built what looked like a book case and put the computer monitor on top, with the tower, printer and other “stuff” on the shelves. Joe hung up the clothes rods and mirrors and Nat did the overhead lights.

By 6:30 PM we quit and went across the street to V'Canto’s,  a great Italian restaurant in town. Chris was still in the shop making everything pretty. She is amazing: she opened her shop in the old site at 10:00 AM for business and was still at the new place by midnight getting everything straight. She is one of my favorite store owners here in town. She is one of the movers and shakers of First Friday in Fort Bragg and also does the weather report on KMFB radio station.

I love this town! And so will you if you come for our Chef Showcase on August 27-29. We still have some seats for the studio audience. Coming to Fort Bragg to see these amazing chefs in person also gives you the chance to meet them at our dessert reception on Friday night. This will be a fun evening of delectable raw confections, organic wines and other treats. It's a chance to mingle with raw celebrities and Living Light grads. And it's a chance to visit our town and see some of the people, places and things I've been writing about. I hope to see you there.

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