Life is a Just a Bowl of Cherries by kristin

Monica's Cherries

Bowls and Bowls of Cherries!

My friend and Living Light chef graduate Monica Landry lives just an hour away from Fort Bragg in the Anderson Valley. She and her husband Joe work from home and live a very abundant life on a beautiful piece of land filled with gardens, fruit trees, berries, figs, grapes, and of course, cherries! The summer season for cherries is short but sweet as you can see from the photograph here of a day's harvest from just one of their trees. Here's what Monica wrote to me in an email: Last night we had cherry sorbet, cherry tart, etc. etc. etc. LIFE REALLY IS A BOWL OF CHERRIES!!

Being a raw food enthusiast is especially satisfying in the summer.

summer fruits

Summer Fruits

So many luscious, ripe fruits are available. Yummy! Knowing that the season is short makes enjoying peaches, apricots, cherries, berries, melons, and other summer fruits seem really special. And speaking of Berries, in case you missed some of our delicious berry smoothies from the July 2009 Newsletter, here they are!

Berry Smoothies

Luscious Summer Berry Smoothies

Summer is the time for eating and feeling lighter. Think of all of that summer sunlight that  energizes the fruits to ripeness, and how good those ripe fruits make your body feel.

Fruits and summer vegetables are plentiful --what better time to indulge in the bounty of nature? And all of the rainbow colors of fruits and vegetables at this time of year are full of vitamins, minerals, powerful antioxidents, and a whole rainbow of nutrients. What a joy!

skinny on raw

Get the skinny on raw at Living Light Chef Showcase: Hot Chefs, Cool Kitchen

Spiritual Nutrition and the Rainbow DietOne of my favorite books talks about the colors of fresh fruits and vegetables and how those colors nourish our bodies in myriad ways.  Dr. Gabriel Cousens' Spiritual Nutrition and The Rainbow Diet is a very important book . We always carry it in Living Light Marketplace. Like raw foods, it will never go out of style! And if you'd like to learn how to make delicious recipes with all of these colorful fruits (and vegetables, of course!) don't forget the Living Light Chef Showcase: Hot Chefs, Cool Kitchen, streaming live online August 27-29

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