We've Been Skunked! by hilloah

Our Skunk

Blind Side

Two of our guests this week are Jack Russells: Misty, the mother, and Daisy Mae, the daughter. Last night after dinner we watched Blind Side with our friends: such a great movie about courage, compassion, friendship, and family. Then our guests, Frank and Lynne, went “home” to their trailer parked on our property.  Just as Archie and I prepared to go to bed we heard barking around our cabin. “Hmmm, that’s unusual.” Somehow Misty had gotten loose, went under our house and found a skunk! Of course she would bark to warn us, and of course, the skunk let her know that this was her home, not the dogs, so Misty got sprayed! It must have happened in front of the cabin just before Archie opened the door because when he did so – it STUNK! We have bark in front of our door and out to the garage. Misty rolled her way back home, leaving a trail in the bark!


Archie led Misty home and then went to our neighbor’s who have dogs to get some de-skunk shampoo and delivered it to Frank and Lynne. They seemed to think they had everything under control. . . OK! I wonder what their trailer smelled like this morning!

Did you vote in the Hot Raw ChefVideo Recipe Contest last week??  We have our winners! The Grand prize and People's choice winner is Sheree Clark. She'll now be featured at our Chef Showcase next month and she gets to attend our Raw Food Styling for Photography class. Second place goes to Heather Pace who may also attend the photography class. And an honorable mention goes to Louis Bush for being a people's favorite and our youngest contestant. Thanks so much to all of you who participated - this contest was a lot of FUN!

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