Raw Chefs, Real Chocolate by mary elizabeth

Here at Living Light, we’re gearing up for our first annual chef showcase. It’s going to be pretty exciting - a real who’s who of raw food chefs. We still have a few tickets available for the studio audience as well as virtual ones for on-line live streaming. (These two options have led to some interesting language issues. For example, Karen – student services manager and Berkeley grad – called the studio tickets “non-virtual”.) Anyhow - besides my buddy Martine, and of course our incomparable leader Cherie Soria, our own chocolatier extraordinaire will be presenting as well.

Colleen Cackowski, Living Light’s Executive Assistant by day, makes the most super fantastic raw chocolates. Not only do her treats taste divine, she uses superfoods in them to make them not just purely decadent. Some of them are even low glycemic - but not her pyramids. Her chocolate pyramids are a spiritual experience. And they won her Best in Show at Best of Raw 2010. Colleen rawks!

Speaking of bests – did you vote for your favorite hot raw chef in the video contest?  What with my passion for voting and my love of deadlines, I should have been all in, but no – it didn’t work out that way. Amanda and I thought the polls closed at midnight on the 21st, but actually it was a bit earlier….anyhow – our votes went uncast.  Thousands of people did vote, though, making the contest a rip-roaring success. (I think it may have been Colleen's idea!)  I really enjoyed watching the videos anyway and got some great recipe ideas! The winner will be announced on the 27th of this month – so stay tuned.

Okay – so get your showcase ticket now because it’s going to be tons of fun whether you come here to watch it live or enjoy it at home on your computer. You can  purchase your ticket on-line or non-virtually from me!

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