Sacred Commerce at Living Light by kristin

Altar at Work

My Altar at Work

Since I spend so much of my life at work, it feels important to have a sacred space in my office. Ever since coming to Living Light, I've kept an altar near my desk. On it, I have some inspirational things, gifts from nature, coworkers, friends, and small icons to remind me of animals that are special to me.

Some of my personal totems are the turtle, the dragonfly, and the butterfly.

In the office, we often draw cards from inspirational decks like Louise Hay's Power Thoughts or Wayne Dyer's Inner Peace Cards, and we draw Hearthstones made by my friend Sister Kathryn of the Sophia Center in my hometown, Portland, Oregon.


Life is beautiful

They are little clay hearts with words on them like blessing, excellence, courage, freedom, strength, and delight (and many more). Of course, oftentimes, we get busy, and we forget to draw the cards or hearts, and then we start to notice that maybe we are not as mindful as we could be about our relationships with each other.  As we are co-creating Living Light together, it feels important to remember that each of us makes a difference every day in how our company functions, and how we spread light out into the world. When we treat each other lovingly, we find that our day somehow goes better, and small miracles might even take place. It's like magic! Speaking of magic, the contestants in the HotRawChef Video Recipe Contest are stirring up some magical recipes for you to vote on. Voting ends July 21, so be sure to choose your favorite Hot Raw Chef! xxx

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