Living Light International by mary s.

One of the reasons I love working at Living Light is the opportunity to interact with incredible students from around the world! Our students come here with a wide range of experiences, skills and knowledge, but they share a common desire to embrace a healthy, vibrant and conscious lifestyle. I am inspired by the energy and creativity that emerges within a diverse group of students who share their skills and knowledge with each other.

On Saturday, July 10, our students arrived here for the FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods, the first course of an ensuing 10 week culinary and nutritional training.  Of the 34 students attending the FUNdamentals course, 50%  were from other countries:

Photo of Living Light Students

A group of students hanging out after class

6  Canada
2  UK
2  Japan
2  Singapore
1  France
1  Belgium
1  Australia
1  New Zealand
1  India

The other 17 students were from the U.S. including all over California, Hawaii, Washington State, Oregon, Arizona, TexasSouth Carolina, Tennessee and Florida.

I see a radiant light and joyful energy shining from the students and I’m excited as they begin this culinary adventure and progress in their skills and knowledge of raw living foods.

Don't forget to vote for your favorite at by July 21st!! Our first ever Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest is a great example of the diversity and creativity that thrive in the raw culinary world.

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