Appreciation and the Blues by mary elizabeth

Here at Living Light we honor a different department in the company the second week of each month. This month it’s the enrollment department. Super yay! This means we get lots of presents and notes of appreciation from our co-workers. It’s lots of fun and a wonderful way to express our admiration for all the different components that make up this complex company

 But despite all this special treatment, I’m feeling super bluesy today – melancholy – which isn’t a comfortable way to feel at all, unless you’re at home under the covers on a rainy day watching Brian’s Song. But as uncomfortable as it is I know I just have to feel it, you know, wait it out. And, of course, as uncomfortable as that is I know exactly what’s making me feel this way. It’s me!! I’ve been so busy; I forgot that feeling good and being happy only comes from the inside. When I get distracted from this wise and difficult to remember truth, I will look for anything at all outside of myself to make me feel better. And, as usual, because I’ve neglected the inner part of me from which real happiness comes, I can’t appreciate the outside things even if they did make me happy. Which they of course don’t, except for Meagan’s mudslide pie. I need to meditate - and cry on Amanda’s shoulder - and put away my laundry. Oh - and drink some mila! Most importantly, I need to appreciate myself. I can allow myself to have the blues and at the same time start taking the steps to get over it.   Anyhow – enough about me. 

We are playing to a full house here at Living Light right now. We just had a new batch of students come in on Saturday and all the classes in this Associate Chef and Instructor Training series are sold out. It’s always so exciting to have new students come (and it helps with the sadness of having the recent graduates leave). Their enthusiasm for raw culinary arts is infectious. They are the hot raw chefs of the future. Oh – if you haven’t voted for your favorite in our Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest, I have a deadline for you: July 21st. So – go to, watch the videos (they’re super fun) and vote for your favorite. I’d totally appreciate it!

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