Celebrating Summer in Mendocino by kristin

4th of July in Mendocino

Patriotic Puppy

We recently celebrated the 4th of July in Mendocino with an annual parade. The sun was shining beautifully all day (which is a real treat for us here on the coast--we get plenty of summer fog). The parade is an unusual one, since Mendocino county is known as somewhere left of center, so to speak. So there are political statements along with families and other celebrants. The village of Mendocino is always jam packed with locals and tourists. For anyone planning a July visit next year, don't miss the parade! One of the highlights this year was a float featuring dancers decked out in seaweed.

Seaweed Float

Seaweed Sirens

Speaking of seaweed, don't miss the Supreme Master TV video episodes about Living Light. There's a great one of Cherie and the crew harvesting seaweed with Terry Nieves of Ocean Harvest Sea Vegetable company. And Terry has some delicious raw seaweed recipes on her site, too. Another lovely tradition here on the coast is the annual Mendocino Music Festival. Matt Rowland Events sets up a spacious white tent right on Mendocino Headlands State Park, overlooking the ocean, and there are wonderful concerts there for two weeks!

I'll be interviewing festival co-director Susan Waterfall (isn't that a lovely name?) on Women's Voices on Monday, July 12 at 7 PM PDT on KZYX. Did I mention that at the parade they also had some pretty hot cars?
Hot Car

Hot Wheels

But not as hot as the  HotRawChef Video Recipe Contest. Light your fire! Vote by July 21st!

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