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I have a spy in the bookstore! They have found some of my weaknesses: fantasy/science fiction. Now they are finding book series for me to read.

One of my favorite book haunts is Windsong Used Books & Records. (Yes, records, not CD’s, cassettes, or 8 Tracks.)   I will find a book that intrigues me and learn that it is a series. I buy it and then go to Cheshire to buy the rest. If I am lucky I get the first book, read it, and then decide if I want the rest of the series or not. Usually, however, I get book two or three and have to wait until Cheshire orders book one – I HATE to read out of order - even if it doesn’t matter to the plot. By reading books in order of the author’s “out put”, you get to grow along with the author as his or her style emerges.

Recently I was at the used book store and found Diane Duane’s Stealing the Elf-King's Roses. It was not apart of a series – great! It was a science fiction/fantasy that was very good. Linda at Cheshire told me that she had a series called So you want to be a Wizard and did I want it? Sure! She ordered the first book and after reading it I told her to order the rest. When I picked them up she also suggested a series that I might like by Maria V. Snyder.  So I ordered the first book. BIG MISTAKE! It is wonderful and I could not put it down. I called Linda back and ordered the rest. She had book three, but not book two. ARRRGH!  “Do you mean I have to read the other two series I am currently reading: I have to wait?!" “Yes, Hilloah, that is exactly what I mean.” Oh man!

Last Friday, the two Angels in the kitchen came down to say their goodbyes to the office team. They told us they had entered the Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest and gave us samples. Yummmm! This contest is great as we are hearing from a lot of people from around the world who are interested in raw vegan food. I can hardly wait to see who wins! Voting for the People’s Choice starts today, July 7th, so go vote!

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