Rawk the Vote by mary elizabeth

Okay. So the deadline for the Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest is tonight – the fourth of July - at midnight. Super yay! And we get to vote for the Peoples’ Choice award – the whole idea of which appeals to me - very All-American. Power to the people! We’ve got all kinds of entries so voting should be fun. And just like every other voting opportunity with which you’ve ever in your life been presented, it’ll be more important and meaningful, the more people who do it.

Since it’s Independence Day, I’m actually feeling a bit patriotic. I can get so down on the world situation sometimes; I forget that I really have it pretty good. I get to vote for all sorts of things and get to exercise my right to free speech with this blog and get to dress up all funky and go to our little home town parade this afternoon. I get to drive, drink clean water and educate my kids for free. I guess I’m back to gratitude – a hot topic among Living Light bloggers right now. I’m grateful that I live here and am able to be the change I want to see in world – to the best of my ability and energy permitting. I guess I’m grateful for having so much personal freedom.

So – do the American thing and vote for your favorite hot raw chef. You can get all the details at www.hotrawchef.com.

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