Raw Chef Countdown by mary elizabeth

The Hot Raw Chef Video Recipe Contest deadline has been extended. You can now submit your video as late as July 4th at midnight. Do you enjoy working with deadlines? I sure do. I wouldn’t ever get anything done if it weren’t for deadlines. That’s why my room’s always kind of a mess – I know my mom’s not going to come check. (Maybe I could get Amanda to check?) I like to sneak up on things and do them at the last minute.  Open ended stuff tends to stay open.  Thank goodness working in Living Light’s enrollment department is like being under a big rolling schedule of deadlines.  It works out well.

I’m in a book group. We haven’t been meeting with much regularity lately, but I really like it. Not only do I get to read all kinds of fascinating books, I get to keep in touch with this wonderful group of women.  The book of the month (or season, as we’ve been rocking it lately) creates a commonality that allows for greater connection. We meet for a meal and discuss the book and our lives. It’s refreshing and fun. We try and alternate fiction and non-fiction which is good for me as I’d never read non-fiction on my own.  Well that’s not true. I love memoirs - I couldn’t get through a year without re- reading Haven Kimmel’s.  I read that water book, too – but it has lots of pictures. Anyhow –my book group gets me to read and finish books I may not have chosen on my own because it has a deadline. 

So anyway – if you haven’t uploaded your entry for the video contest yet, relax. You have a couple more days.  And if you don’t want to enter but still want to participate, you can watch all the entries on YouTube starting July 7th and vote for your favorite at www.hotrawchef.com.  Whoever wins the Peoples’ Choice award gets a $250.00 gift certificate good at any of Living Light's four businesses.  There’s undoubtedly a deadline for casting your vote – I’ll let you know.

3 thoughts on “Raw Chef Countdown by mary elizabeth

  1. Kristan

    Mary Elizabeths pieces are always fun, humorous, light-hearted, and chock-full of great information that keeps me in touch with and interested in Living Light…. Keep ‘em comin’!

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