Hot Chefs, Cool Water by mary elizabeth

One of my favorite books we carry here at Living Light is The Healing Power of Water by Masaru Emoto. I find all the water crystal stuff totally mesmerizing and think it’s fascinating that water has musical tastes, let alone preferences. Apparently it enjoys classical over metal…if we’re reading the crystal patterns accurately. The premise is that water forms crystals differently when pesented with different stimuli and the prettier the pattern, the happier the water. But what if the more elaborate and beautiful the pattern, the more agitated the water? What if water knows what its researchers are expecting and is a major people pleaser? We don’t really know.

But, anyway, it also has a chapter on sacred waters. I love to look at the pictures in that one. My daughter and I hope to one day travel to some of them - a European tour of watery goddess spots: Lourdes, Glastonbury, St. Bridgid's Well. Of course, my daughter is rocketing into teenagerville and may have different ideas about what a fun European tour would include at this point. Holy watering holes may not be at the top of the list, let alone visiting them with me.  No question about her having tastes and preferences.  But I'm sure by the time we can afford to go, she'll be well past her teenage years and we'll be goddess-seeking friends again.

One of my daughter's aspirations for the future is to be a raw food pastry chef. If I were a raw food chef and not just an enrollment counselor for raw food chefs of the future,  I would enter Living Light’s Hot Chef/Cool Kitchen video contest. It's pretty cool. You get to make a video of yourself preparing an original raw recipe and submit it for prizes and acclaim. But I’m not a chef, raw or otherwise. My culinary skills are pretty limited.  Unless you think I could win with a mila cocktail. Just add water!

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