FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods with New Students by amber west

New students are here!

So much excitement is in the air!

As do many employees, I wear many hats at Living Light.  I work as an Enrollment Specialist downstairs in the front office; however I’m also doing a Teaching Internship upstairs in the kitchen and culinary studio.  Primarily I teach the FUNdamentals of Raw Living Foods class (nicknamed FUN).  This is one of

Some of our Kitchen Staff and Angels sorting and washing the incoming Produce order

our most exciting classes.  We allow more students in this class than any other (maximum of 36) and it is the very first class you take at Living Light if you are a culinary arts student.  The excitement in the air is tangible.  Students show up with their new, shiny Living Light binders and pens ready. This is also one of our most intensive classes. It’s only a 1 day class, however it’s packed with information.  We demonstrate how to make tons of food and provide samples of everything we make to the students.  We cover loads of information and provide a lot of quick tips as we go. It is my favorite weekend to work.

Taking a break

This is the way I spent last weekend.  Though in the days leading up to FUNdamentals I end up at home at night with aching feet and my mind exhausted, come Sunday it was all worth it to see the students so inspired and uplifted. You can see their minds churning with recipe ideas, newly opened to just the beginning of all the possibilities that raw foods has to offer.  I love to overhear them talking.  Sharing ideas and secret recipes that they’ve made. The satisfaction that this gives me is unexplainable.

This particular group is especially amazing.  They are friendly and outgoing, supportive of each other and helpful.  Some classes are quiet, others ask so many questions you hardly have time to teach a demo.  This group is something special. They watch and listen, even smile a little at you while you’re teaching (a teacher’s dream) and then when Q&A time comes, they’re on it.  They have in-depth and well thought out questions.  It’s a great start with a great group.  The next three weeks are gonna be fun!!

I'll let you know more next week!

~Amber West

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