Raw Food Roommates by mary elizabeth

 I’d like to say that sometimes I forget to be grateful, but it’d be way more accurate to say that sometimes I remember to be. I’m certainly grateful to have a full time job right now and am even more so to have one with a globally conscious company like Living Light International. But even though I spend more time here than anywhere else, work is only one aspect of my life.

I think my home life would make a fabulous reality TV show. Living Light Office Manager, Amanda, and I are both single moms trying to eke out a living in today’s economy. No easy feat, so last fall we decided to throw our lots in together and become room mates – us and our four children. We both have nine year old sons, she has a six year old daughter and my daughter is twelve. We all live in a big, cold, hundred and forty year old house about two blocks from downtown Fort Bragg and Living Light. So far, it’s going great. Amanda and I have become better friends than either of us probably expected (it’s such a relief to have support and grown up company at home…she even shares her Mila with me) and the kids are learning all sorts of things about boundaries and personal space that most of us Americans save for college…or marriage…or never. We also have a couple of cats. They are noisy and messy and smelly. We love them.  

  Did I mention Amanda and I work in the same office within sight of one another? We do - and sometimes we even work on the same projects. Like right now we're contacting people about our upcoming recipe contest.   But she doesn’t seem to mind. We even do stuff together in our free time. I’m super grateful for Amanda. I love my home life. And if you’re wondering if we’re saving all kinds of money with this arrangement the answer is: no – not a dime. Super yay!