Hard Work and Dessert by Amber West

I was just feeling grumpy. Work coming out of my ears.                         

Deadlines and paperwork and piles of unruliness swarming on my normally organized desk.  Half empty cups with residues of green juice, smoothies, and caffeinated beverages abound; and I haven’t taken a break in 4 hours.  I was feeling exhausted, like I was never going to be able to climb back on top of things. 

That’s when it happened. 

Our office filled with swarming students. 

It was graduation and the students who just finished seven weeks of intensive Gourmet Raw Food Chef Training and Pastry Arts Level 1 flooded our office full of smiles, hugs, and tears.  They are elated; ready to sail into the world and create, teach, and heal.  They fill the room with refreshing vibes and everyone working is sucked from their cubicles and into the warm current of their energy.  One of our Kitchen Angels, Dawn Markle  made a beautiful collage of a million little things that she has collected during her stay here.  Like a college yearbook, we all rush to sign it.  Vinnette Thompson, our Pastry Arts teacher brings in treats from the class and our mouths fill with succulent bites of Tiramisu, Key Lime Pie and Lemon Poppyseed Cake.  Students share where they are going next and we exchange contact information and hugs goodbye.

 In another rush, everyone is gone and yet nothing is the same. 

 The energy is clear.  I sit down to my pile and instead of being overwhelming, it looks artful to me.  I laugh easily at how much I have to do and dig in with gusto.  My mind is refreshed, full of love and laughter and the warm touch of affectionate people on my shoulders.  Now I pick up my pen and remember why I do this week after week: because it makes a difference. Because of the fabulous people.  Because in the end, it makes me feel so very, deeply happy.

Until next time,

~Amber West

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