Where Are You Going? by mary elizabeth

Now that my knees don’t hurt, I have lots more time for reflection.  Where is my life headed? What does the universe have in store for me ? For my kids? For any of us? But while I punch a clock and ponder, lots of you are getting on with it. I am constantly amazed by our students at Living Light, especially the international ones. I swear – they register on-line, maybe exchange an e-mail or two about lodging and then they wend their way around the globe to a country that doesn’t know their language and manage to show up (in Fort Bragg, of all places) for class all ready to roll. It’s astounding, really. I mean – I’m lucky if I can remember, schedule and then actually show up for my annual teeth cleaning.  

We have a map in our office with little flags showing where our students have come from over the years. It’s really cool – made by our own Mary S. - and illustrates how Living Light raw cuisine is gaining global exposure. This coming session we have a woman coming from Germany who is active in the European raw food movement. Check out her website http://germanygoesraw.de/. It’s all in German, but it’s a lovely site and you get the drift.  Another of our graduates, Brenda Hinton (a Texan, originally), now interns here with us. Check her out at http://www.rawsomecreations.com/. Working with our students is super fantastic. I get to meet all kinds of people from all kinds of places who want to learn about health and fabulous food. Lots of them become real friends with whom I keep in touch. I love to keep track of our graduates as they progress on their journeys.

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