I Need a Miracle...by mary elizabeth

Living Light is a fascinating place to work. I started out in the Marketplace – our retail store – and spent nine months there before moving into the enrollment department. I learned tons about raw food in the Marketplace and was most impressed by all the miraculous stories of people overcoming serious health issues by embracing the raw food lifestyle. Valya Boutenko’s Reversing the Irreversible comes to mind as a powerful piece. Anyhow, despite all this evidence, I am by nature a skeptic. So – when we started carrying a new miraculous super food called Mila, a strain of chia seed, I was skeptical.

Dan and Cherie were not, though – so much so that they very generously gave each employee a free bag. I had heard it could be helpful with mood swings, etc., and was curious to give it a try as my mood can swing all over the place between work, kids, personal life, etc.  I started taking it – two scoops a day - and waited for emotional serenity. Well – I don’t know if my moods got any more stable but after about ten days of Mila I realized my knees were 100% pain free. I have suffered from super painful knees for years and all of a sudden the pain was totally gone. Now I’m a raw food miracle! Super yay!!