Italian journalists enjoy feast at Living Light

Italian Journalists taking notes on Cheri's demo

On November 23, Living Light had an exciting day entertaining some editors from the media in ITALY!!! Our guests included editors from Italian Vanity Fair, Panorama Travel, La Republica newspaper, MARCOPOLO TV, and our California Travel and Tourism representative for Italy and Spain—what fun!!! Cherie did a demo, and the editors enjoyed a beautiful lunch menu which included Pesto Almond Torte served with Golden Flax Shards and Julienne of Sweet Peppers, Gazpacho with Avocado Brunoise, Caesar Salad with Almond Croutons and Pine Nut Parmesan, Linguini Parody with Truffle Cream, and Cardamom Chocolate Flourless Cake with Sweet Rose-Scented Cashew Cream. The Italian journalists were very impressed with the food--they couldn't believe that gourmet raw food could be so delicious.

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