Living Light Ambassadors and Raw Sweets Contest in Tokyo Japan

raw food contest in Japan

Jewel Box cake amazes Living Light Ambassadors

Living Light students are reaching out into the world again, and we are so proud of their achievements! In October, the Japan Living Beauty Association hosted a Raw Sweets Contest in Tokyo, and Living Light Ambassadors Jim Maurice, Beate von der Osten, Brenda Hinton, Masae Kitahara, and Makiko Asano were contest judges. Over twenty entries came in over the internet and the judges voted on the desserts based on photos, recipes, ingredients, and descriptions of the dishes. Eight finalists brought their desserts to the contest, and guests and students at the event were treated to demos and lectures by Living Light Ambassadors and Japanese students. Everyone got to taste the marvelous creations, and the grand prize winner was a cake called The Jewelry Box. The young (19 year old) winner of the contest, Moeko Shima had spent some time in Switzerland and wanted to create a traditional cake (a raw version of the Donauellen from that region). Judge Beate von der Osten from Germany well remembered tasting the delicious cake in Europe, and was SO impressed—she said it was exactly like the cake she remembered! A quote from Living Light Ambassador Brenda Hinton: “Needless to say this was an incredible adventure, an uplifting experience, and a beautifully heartwarming event. And this is only the beginning !! Moeko Shima dreams of coming to Living Light, and here's what she said: "I am looking forward to go to America, to Living Light and to think and learn more things about raw food and also to meet Cherie Soria." And if you would like to see more photos of Japanese students making raw food, click this link:

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